POKER STARS to limit tacking of MTT/SNG and more in the future

PokerStars to limit tracking of mtt/sng -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poker Stars will not let anybody track sng/mtt in the near future. They have already started with the 90/180 man sng. They will not show you who won or a list of players to stop data mining and such. This means sites like OPR,SS and others will not be able to track results. here's a quote !!! Thank you for contacting us. Please note that in our efforts to prevent data mining, we have restricted the lobbies of many types of SNG tournament. All of the draw and mixed game Sit Go's are now restricted, as are 90 and 180-player NL Hold'em Sit & Go's. 'Restricted Lobby' means that once the tournament begins, the list of entrants and finishing positions of each player are only shown if you participated in the event. If you wish to follow the tournament, you can go directly to the tables, or use the 'Find a Player' feature to find a specific person. In a very near future, this feature will be expanded to the rest of the tournaments. We apologize for the inconvenience this issue may have caused you. Regards, If you feel they are wrong submit an email to PokerStars and kindly ask them to reverse their decision before they begin to block other kind of tournaments as well. what are your thoughts on tracking ????? a good thing or not?

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southsidecan Gold 2
4401d ago
myself I would preferr to have no tracking also here is a reply from a friend to PS on apr5 Hello xxxxx, Thank you for your email. We have no plans to introduce this to our regularly scheduled multi table tournaments. Please let us know if there is anything else that we can do to assist you. Regards, Michael J PokerStars Game Security Team
I'm not sure how tracking helps other players rate you anyway. Some call you anything from a rock to a fish, some give you the exact stats from cash games, to mtt's to sng's, which to me is no one's business. Personally, I dislike them very much and am glad PokerStars is setting an example to the online poker world by disallowing this "data mining". I think it's an invasion of privacy and often when a player can read out my stats to me across the table I feel "violated" for lack of a better term. Who came up with this crazy idea anyway? I don't think it's anyone's business what type of stakes I play for or how much money I have won or lost at any particular site, yet there it is for any subscriber to see. I also don't see how it helps anyone across from the table from you, as you know you can play sng's or mtt's for weeks and only have a few, if any cashes and sometimes you may cash in 12 in a row, it's poker and any 2 cards can win or lose. Even the big names like Hellmouth and Ivey are sometimes listed as fish or donkeys at certain stats tracking sites and look what they've accomplished.
PokerPro Bronze 3
4401d ago
I am on the opposite end of the above post and I'll tell you why. When I am mutli-tabling cash games or tournaments alike, I like to see what my opponents rating is. Is he a risk taking donkey who'll double up off of me with 43o vs AA? Are there more than 1 or 2 fish at my table who will eventually both push with A-rag to make me want to fold my QQ? Is there a few solid opponents with good stats there so I know when to fold a marginal hand to their raise? If you want to be a profitable poker player, I think you need to be able to take every edge and advantage that you can over the players across from you. Sites like sharkscope and opr help with this and rest assured there's probably more than one of them looking you over as well. Poker has become so competitive, and so popular over the last few years any edge can help. I will definately be e-mailing stars on this one.
PF Brandon
PF Brandon Silver 1
4398d ago
I'd have to agree with PokerPro. You need to take anything that can be to your advantage and run with it. Yes, data mining is a sleazy way to create that advantage but without the physical world (tells, talking down opponents, etc) you need to be able to find your edge in the online world - and this is a perfect way. If you were in a heads-up tournament with say, Doyle Brunson, wouldn't reading all of his books give you some insight into his play? Therefore, giving you an advantage? It's like Doyle saying "ok, if you play me ... you cant read any of my books OR watch me on any TV show because that gives you an advantage over me" :) If the poker room's allow it, it's fair game. I think it's fair to ask these tracking sites have some sort of "Remove Me" feature where they will honor your request and not include your stats in their database. This, of course, would be completely discretionary and although your stats wouldn't be included to subscribers ... who's to say the owners of these data mining companies still retain the info and use it directly for their benefit? This is the digital world, folks. Everything you do, say, buy, "google", search, download, etc can be tracked directly to you ... forever!
PF_Jeff Gold 1
4397d ago
My stats are horrible due to the fact I play more HU than anything else, so I don't really worry about who's tracking them.. If you want to spend money to worry about how I play poker or to help you analyze when I'm probably going to switch gears, go ahead. I'm not saying they're not useful to some players at the higher stakes games or the large buy in tournaments. I actually like the fact that someone needs to concentrate on my stats rather than how I'm playing that day in particular, or thinking that when I push I always have a weak ace or a small pp. I think it encourages weaker players to call to those types of raises, because my stats tell them too. There's a lot of complex stats in most of the stats trackers and I think the confusion they cause some players gives ME the advantage. Track away fellahs, track away.