This man is one step from running the "Free World"?!?

This guy is #2 in the US & is only one little accident from the presidency & he's screwing up constantly, but have you heard some of these(& they went after Dan Quayle over the potato spelling thing)

or did anyone see this one???

Scarey, isn't it. We in Ontario had a couple of pieces of work (Bob & Floyd) who used the same ideas (spend ourselves rich) didn't work. In the early 90's they "invested" $10 Billion to try & stimulate the economy...the results, Public serves unions got raises (teacher's pension plan got $1 Billion), while workers got welfare, government got bigger, deficts got bigger, the debt grew. But as Joe says, "it's unsustainable" & in the end they had to cut gov't spending (welfare, gov't health insurance, forced gov't employees to take unpaid days off ("Rae Dayz") the end they were crushed in the next election, but the damage was done...the following gov't hadda make even more cuts (not to the Public Service Unions, they have a contract, they hit the unusual)!!!

This quote says it best...."Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  It looks like the US didn't remember....or they think throwing more money at the problem & taxing the crap out of everyone will fix it??? Undecided

BTW, if anyone thinks with all the controlls they are imposing in the US, that they'll allow online gambling without taxing & controlling it, I've got a hardly used bridge in NY you might be interested! Wink

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Ah yes, another pure political genious. I wonder what Obama was thinking when he asked him to run with him?  I think they always like to have a scapegoat to make silly commens to take away the focus on the actual president.

Posted by mothersquatch on 07/20/2009 1:21PM [ Reply ]

It goes back to the old joke, who'd shoot the pres. when they got this guy next??? But it is strange that you don't see this on the nightly news?? I mean didn't they just rake Quayle over it for the potato spelling gaffe? Even Murphy Brown made a Ememy outta that?? Or SNL with Gerald Ford, Chevy Chase didn't even put make-up on for that?? But Biden gets a walk?? Hmmm????

Posted by PF_Jeff on 07/21/2009 12:15PM [ Reply ]

I think it's because the world is still hovering on Obama's every word.

azzadinebahi Bronze 1
4575d ago

Scary isn't it? Yet the people voted for these guys like there was no tomorrow! I think Obama had a pretty good platform but he is NOT the savior of the world lie so many make him out to be. He'll only say the right things for so long, then the boys in the back room will force his decisions for him like so many others before him.

talon1978 Silver 1
4574d ago

Yes why not spend that is all they know how to do, we little nobodys never have any say

Posted by PF_Jeff on 07/21/2009 12:14PM [ Reply ]

yep and we are forced to elect one idiot over another!