Negreanu picks his favorite of Hall of Fame nominees.

Negreanu criticises the criteria of Hall of Fame, even though it has been always the same. He thinks some aspect of the criteria are not as important as they used to be. He remembers that when he started playing poker, you could never get inducted to the Hall of Fame by  playing tournaments.

The criteria is as follows:

(1) Must have played against top competition.
(2) Played for high stakes.
(3) Played consistently well, gaining respect of their peers.
(4) Stood the test of time.
(5) Contributed to the overall growth and success of poker with positive and lasting results.

The last part of the criteria is the hardest one to accomplish. Negreanu names one cash game player, Ralph Perry, for an example. He has played against the best in high stakes for a long time and people respect his skills, but being a cash game player, he has not contributed much to the growth and success of poker.

However, Mike Sexton has contributed a great deal to the overall growth and success of poker. Most people know Sexton for his role as the WPT commentator, but Sexton has done a lot before the poker boom, most notably being the mastermind behind the Tournament of Champions”.

Negreanu don’t like the idea that the public gets to nominate the players. He thinks it becomes too much of a popularity contest.

Tom Dwan is one player whose nomination Negreanu don’t really understand. Daniel thinks that Dwan is a great player, but still he is only 22 years old. It is not yet proved that Dwan can stand the test of time. Negreanu remembers himself being a great 22 years old player, then a tilted 24 years old player after bouncing back. No-one knows what will happen to Dwan.

Negreanu is flattered about his nomination, but he thinks that he should not be voted in. He do think that he’ll get voted in eventually, but now is the time for Mike Sexton to get voted in the Poker Hall of Fame.




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