What SNG Cash Tables are best to play at $1 $2 $5-10

Does anybody play the $5 SNG's and if so, what's the standard of play at them like? I've been playing the $1 ones and now have enough(to try the $5 ones.) Are there sharks at this level, and still fishes for that matter? Is it the same Quality of Play & Players in these levels????

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I guess the best way to answer this would be to say, it's more of a psycological & bank roll issue, than players being "better" in this range ($1-100). I've played in sng's from .06 (Tiger's WSoP, now it's gone up) to $100 buy-ins & if anything I've found that the cheapest ones are the tightest (once the usual crazy's been outted, mind you I've seen wackos play in all levels). I've played in Jakarta's that have lasted over an hour & Fort Knox's that have ended in less than 20 hands, so this why I say psycoloical, if you have confidence in your ablities & the bank roll to support you, any limit is playable! As for sharks at these levels ($1-10), I'm sure there a lot of smart, tight, well bank rolled, players in there, but you can't controll who you play against (unless you have a private table) just the way you play...keep it fun!
iamthatgood Bronze 2
4481d ago
I agree with the above post, I think it's more what you're willing to risk per SNG rather than the skill level of players at the table. If your br can take a few losses at the higher buy ins then why not give it a shot? If you're risking more than 1/4 of your br to buy in you're probably not going to play as well, as you'll be playing with "scared" money. The most important thing to remember is to learn to enjoy the game and have fun with it, rather than rely on it for income, or hope to make the big score in less than a week.
PokerPro Bronze 3
4479d ago
I think they're pretty much the same whatever level you play at, at 6 player SNG's you always have 1 maniac , 2 conservative players, a super aggro player etc. No matter what level I decide to play at I always play my same game , hoping to catch a few players making mistakes or falling in love with their cards. I have a fairly good ratio of money placements to losses and and happy with my play most of the time. Remember when you play sng's have the players adapt yo your style and not vice-versa, meaning when the maniacs start showing their true colors, call tghem down with good hands and knock them out, or let them knock each other around and wait for the good cards.
PF_Jeff Gold 1
4479d ago
I usually try 2-4 limit and up, there seems to be more players at these limits who actually FOLD a hand pre-flop, and respect a raise whether it's 1-3 bet. I would be lying if I said there weren't some 2-card tards at these limits who've ran over my aces with junk, but that happens from time to time and I will welcome the calls anytime. The fact has already been pointed out by a couple of members here already, and that is to play what limits you can sustain the losses at and enjoy the game for what it is, a great way to pass the time and hopefully make a little money.
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