2008 WSOP ME Champion Peter Eastgate is quitting poker

Peter Eastgate, 2008 WSOP ME Champion, who has won over $10 million dollars since 2008 is quitting poker.  He announced it on the PokerStars blog that he no longer had the drive or interest to play at the highest levels.  Only a few weeks ago he had said

1. He wanted to watch the World Cup.
2. Lack of motivation for "small" WSOP events.
3. He prefers European summers over Las Vegas summers.

He is only 24, but seems determined to find new challenges and a new direction for his life...

"When I started playing poker for a living, it was never my goal to spend the rest of my life as a professional poker player. My goal was to become financially independent. I achieved that by winning the WSOP Main Event in 2008. The period following has taken me on a worldwide tour, where I have seen some amazing places and met many new people; it has been a great experience. In the 20 months following my WSOP win, I feel that I have lost my motivation for playing high level poker along the way and I have decided that now is the time to find out what I want to do with the rest of my life. What this will be, I do not yet know. I have decided to take a break from live tournament poker, and try to focus on Peter Eastgate, the person. I want to thank PokerStars, my friends and family for their support over the last 20 months and for their support in my decision to take a break from poker."

Some people speculated that his unsuccessful foray into high stakes cash games may have dampered his enthusiasm for the game.  No matter how much you have made, no one likes losing. 

What do you think?

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SmokeDaAces Silver 2
4128d ago

Personally I think he made the decision to quit cause he didn't want the stress incase he lost all of those funds. It allowed him to basically retire and he can do as he pleases the rest of his life. I think I would probably do the same thing. I fi won that kind of money I would probably just play poker for fun and be content knowing that I was financially set for the rest of my life.

Maybe even start up a business just to help pass time and do something I love. So like you mentioned I think it does come down to not liking to lose...but also in his mind is more about being financially set and staying their without the risk of tanking it.

PF_Simon Gold 3
4127d ago

I think I would have quit poker as well. If he manage his money well his entire family and kids to follow could benefits from it. Or he can go on and play poker, lose or win , buy all kind of expensive stuff and shit like that... for me it would be simple I quit poker , manage my finance well so I don't ever have to work unless I feel like it and make sure my family benefits from it as well.