Is HEADS UP Really the most profitable online poker displine?

I read many times on web and heard from experience players, that HU play is the most profitable form of online poker probably mostly they mean NLHoldem.

And i also googled many links to "professional HU trainers" . So i think they can be truth, although it sounds a little strange to me. But u know , why not to try it if its really truth.

Does somebody play it? Did someone of you become rich out of playing HU? Is better to play HU tournament or HU Cash?

I really appreciate if some experienced palyer gives me some tips and answers. Thanks for  all replies, Mirets

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szakiz Silver 1
3987d ago

Depends from person to person.

There are many of them who dont like HU.

kowag7 Bronze 1
3987d ago

imho HU SNG is better than HU CASH because of rake

mirets Bronze 3
3987d ago

ok u mean lower rake  HU sng than at HU Cash? The issue with rake in my case is i like to rake cause i always on VIP program or rakeback so i dont worry too much about rake, more rake i produce more another advantages i get. Of course only as along as u r profitable :) . Once u play some sort of poker and get only 50/50 - win/loss, rake will drag u down zero..

badbank79 Silver 1
3987d ago

I would think if you are good in HU it is probably the fastest way to make good amount of greens,   but on the other hand it is also the fastest way to loose bucks.


I prefer 50$ 6 player sng,  as I am no pro,  but if you are exceptional player it is probably best to go HU for quick nice green bucks.

dabestplayer Silver 1
3987d ago

I like HU because I feel it is more of a coin toss and the rake is 5% of the buy in as opposed to the standard 10%.  As long as u break even with the rake, meaning u have a win ratio of 11-9 you are still maknig A profit

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3987d ago

I have a number of friends who play HU for a living, and some that play lower stakes more for fun.  The rake at low stakes HU makes is really tough to beat long term unless you are an aggressive exceptional player.  Once you can get to $5.10-$1 or more likely $1-$2 HU cash, you can do quite well and beat the rake. 

As stated before, heads up isn't for everyone.  I know I personally don't have the constant aggression factor necessary to succeed.  I prefer to wait for stronger hands, so 6 max is better for me.  But HU is more of a psychological game, that requires less on the cards, so that suits some players better too.

Densas Bronze 1
3986d ago

playing heads up you will gain your experience 4 times faster then 6max or 10max, because you play each hand.. and heads up experience could help you in mtt in final 2. There is big diffrence in greens between 1place and 2nd

boleSt Silver 2
3986d ago

I agree u need to improve your HU game to be able to win some serious money but only when u master the game and have a chance to get to the FT and then HU, I don't play only HU but recently i do because i get on SNG to final two and very often lost so i have been playing lots of HU for practice...and now it is ok! :)

sorry for bad english

ExOnlinePro Silver 1
3977d ago

The biggest reason HU is most profitable, is that you are able to isolate yourself against a weaker opponent. This allows for a more "stable" evaluation of the game. No more multiplayer pots etc, its just you and another guy.

The phenomenon is referred to as "bumhunting" now, where good HU players will sit all day long and wait for players they think are weak (or shortstacked) at HU tables. The moment they feel like there is only a marginal difference they will sit out and hope that he leaves (or create other tables). This allows for very calculated risks, and also the HU regulars on any given level will know who the others are and avoid each other.