New Updates on BetMost!

Finally BM & iPoker has upgraded so now you can use "hot keys" instead of fumbling around with a mouse or on a laptop! New way to view hand histories, live replays, not a just a picture anymore!

 But does anyone know what this new section called "New BackBet!"? I searched the BM website I saw nothing...

 Also has anyone tried out the mtt or sng's? Are there any changes there too?

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BTW the 7 card stud Hi/Lo are open now too!

vlady002 Silver 3
3648d ago

into SnG's i see some new room , like double stack at Hu . till now i don't see this :D . . .in rest i don't see something new !:)

i like the new face of BetMost ! ;) , like say msq , you can play more easy from laptop ;)

Last updated: 09/26/2011 2:16PM

Can anyone tell us about the VIP based cash tables? I've seen many players who I used to sit in with are now on tables that are not shown on my lobby. When I try to watch these players (who I have on my buddy list), I get a message telling me, "Sorry but your VIP level does not allow you to enter this room" . These tables are listed as "Texas Hold'em, Limit".

 It would be nice to know what is going on with these!

Posted by 77timmy1986 on 09/29/2011 3:43PM [ Reply ]

They have different levels that you can climb in the VIP department. That would be my guess. Check out this link


Well what I've been able to figure out is that it's help stop "rail birding" tables. If you just go to the lobby & find the table (usually high stakes) then you can watch. It's depends on how much you have in your account at the time when you use the "Buddy list". So if you can't buy-in on the table, then it show up on your list as "Texas Holdem Limit" or whatever the tagged player happens to be on. iPoker is trying to stop players from watching higher stakes players.