Why I have a tendency to don't respect the last player hand with me on the table ?

When We are only 2 players left i have a tendency to don't trust the call of the other player and often get beaten.This happen lots of time when I have a fairly good hand.I'm I afraid of loosing the pot ?I'm I thinking my hand is better and his trying to win the pot by bluffing ?I still have no answer to that question but each time that comes i almost always follow.My name on the betmost network is corazonlove.

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newt27 Bronze 1
3987d ago

Remember when you are playing heads up, there is a 50% chance you have the best hand everytime. I know this is obvious but it really helps if you keep this at the back of your mind while you play. its good to get to know the guy you are playing heads up with. some raise alot, and some are extremely passive and either. at the beggining it is okay to let a few hands go that you might have won or might have been able to bet him out of just to find out HOW he plays. heads up will never be the same with a different person.

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3987d ago

Good advice, newt.  Almost all poker players fall into patterns of play.  In heads up, you can test out their playing style early to see what types of hands they are raising or calling with.  After an early loose call or two, you can adjust accordingly.

Bilucky Silver 1
3987d ago

Raise the big cards (A/K) and the pairs.Don't try to get a draw, evrerything will be play preflop or at the flop !

Good luckCool

velikanos Bronze 2
3987d ago

For me the most of it comes from getting a good read on the player or at least some feel of his game. It mostly depends on how good the player you're playing is. The better the player is the stronger the bluffs will be. Get it right and you're rich, get it wrong loose half of the stack.

SAMoh1 Bronze 1
3987d ago

I heads up I prefer to be controlling the action by being slightly more aggressive. If I can take down pots unchallenged, then I can get ahead. Also by being aggressive, it makes it harder for them to put you on a hand. I find that anyone that folds pf in heads up tends to be a bit tight and I am quite happy to play at them, knowing that they are playing a slightly more limited range.