When to withdraw?

What amount do you usually withdraw? I usually withdraw half of my winnings daily to always have a BR back up when the cards get cold. I do this for a few reasons: A- I always have money online, if I see a new site with a good deposit bonus or have a bad day at the tables, I never have to use the money I earn from my job to chase my losses. B- I never play with "scared money" meaning it's never my last XXX amount of dollars on any site. C-When I do this I have a standard BR meaning if it's XX amount and I play well at the limit I am currently at I always have XX amount , and I can track my winnings a lot easier, as well as my losses. What do any of you do?

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southsidecan Gold 2
4610d ago
I have never withdrawn but have a strict guide and only deposit smaller amounts and if i use them up then I have a little time to think whether i should make another deposit to keep playing or wait till another day I have and for sure the most of us have gone overboard using moneys at poker .learning when to call it quits (which is hard) takes experience and time .some of can do it and some can't
milood Bronze 2
4609d ago
Well Southside I too have never withdrawn. I think what I'm going to do is deposit less at one time, try to double it, and if I'm lucky enough to get there withdraw half and start over. Seems like an pretty good plan, thanks for the advice Jeff!
ricky_roman Bronze 1
4609d ago
I have won a few $1 freezeouts and some good placements in higher buy in tournaments as well. All I can say is resist the urge to dump a lot of it at the cash tables and withdraw a good chunk of it to save for a rainy day. I've made the mistake of dropping everything I won in less than 2 hrs after I played over 4 to get the win, bad , bad mistake, and I learned from it. It won't happen again. Withdrawing is a good habit to get into if you want to sustain any kind of BR without having to depsoit your own money again, and a great dicipline to get yourself into, "before you chose to drop it all, be smart and hit withdrawl"
jackbliss Silver 1
4609d ago
I like to withdraw %25 of my br per week if i've had a good week, if not of course I'll play with what I have on there. I hate depositing over and over, and my wife hates when I do it as well. She thinks $75 is like a milion and I'll never convince her otherwise. I had no choice but to adapt to the house policy and make sure I always had a means of making sure I could play no matter what. I'm not fussy on the limits as long as I can play, so If I win a few $5-$20 sng's I always withdraw a portion of it immediatley so there's no problems if I bust out with regards to depositing again.
sfnwht Silver 3
4587d ago
I tend not to withdraw regularly. I haven't deposited my own money on any site. So I got lucky with sponsorships from another site and with the use of Moneybookers, have been able to move some money from account to account and leave a little behind to continue playing and keep a bit in Moneybookers so I'll never be broke for poker money. And hopefully never have to deposit any of my own money.
bubugsy Bronze 1
4587d ago
I have never made a withdrawal yet, because it can stop my mastering of the limits. Then I will rich NL100+ I allow myself to take some amount per week, but not earlier...
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