Preflop 82% to win, Flop 99,85%, Turn 98%, River - oops...

I do not like badbeats (but nobody likes them Cry), but beautiful and effect badbeats remembered for a long time, and even aesthetically pleasing. For example, like this one.


UTG $20
UTG+1 $44.80 
CO $20 
BTN $20 
Hero $41.42 
BB $29.38

Pre-Flop ($0.30, 6 players) Hero is SB

Ace of spadesAce of hearts

4 folds, Hero raises to $0.80, BB calls $0.60

Flop ($1.60, 2 players)

Five of heartsAce of diamondsFive of clubs  Ad (why I can't find the image of this card here?)

Hero checks, BB checks 

Turn ($1.60, 2 players)

Three of diamonds

Hero bets $0.80, BB raises to $2, Hero calls $1.20

River ($5.60, 2 players)

Three of spades

Hero bets $4.20, BB goes all-in $26.58, Hero calls $22.38

Final Pot: $58.76

Hero shows

Ace of spadesAce of hearts

BB shows

Three of heartsThree of clubs

BB wins $57.76 (net +$28.38)
Hero lost $29.38


mega LOL.Smile

I wanted to slowplay, and to what result it led. Played a long time, so now it is smiling at meWink




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sfnwht Silver 3
4025d ago

Yeah the suck but they are part of the game.  I had pretty much same thing.

playing $1/$2 6 max

I was in the BB with KK - fold - bet - fold - raise - fold - re raise and they both call.

flop was K, 3, 5 rainbow , so I check, bet, then raise , so I call with no worries.  Utg+1 takes his time and goes all in over the top guy calls all in me loving it also calls.

Turn brought a 3 and the river a 5.  And seeing as how this is a bad beat story I'll let you guess both players hands.

axistilt23 Silver 2
3923d ago

That is so sick

Posted by alesulll123 on 08/18/2011 6:56AM [ Reply ]

ugly bad beat...I see this hand on a live event