Why not add better incentive to refer people to Poker Forum? Or market it better?



I think you guys should market these forums better as it gets kind of lonley with the same majority of people all the time. Some suggestion would be to blast out emails to not as active memebrs to get them active again and also to blast out members to get referrals. I think it would help get things more active and less dull in here.

Something where say if you refer 5 or 10 people in a month and they each post a minimum of 5 or 10 acceptable posts or threads then you get a token to the bronze or ruby freeroll? This wouldn't cost you anything but it would help kickstart the forum and get more people here.


Thoughts? Cause I don't see much internal marketing or pushing of the site going on which is sad :(

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I gotta agree, right now we are just regulars it would be fun to have fresh blood coming in =P Some tokens for people that refer their ACTIVE friends would definitely be cool!

ExOnlinePro Silver 1
4007d ago

Sure why not?