Would you want to do it? Eliminate a sibling?

I was checking out the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure tournament coverage today and saw that both Mike and Nick Binger made it into the money in the shootout format $5k Bounty event.  They are both professional players, but it would be hard, even for competitive players, to want to knock each other out, but that's what happened when Mike eliminated Nick.

Intense photo from PokerStarsBlog

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zzbigstackzz Silver 2
3973d ago

I love my older sister, but nothing would make me happier than to eliminate her from a high-stakes poker tournament. She's my parents favorite, better at school, and more successful... But I can beat her any and every card game so I wouldn't hesitate to check-raise her and send her backing!!! Call it sibling rivalry, jealousy or something of that nature... I call it love

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3970d ago

I find it hard playing against family or friends...because I dn't like taking money from people i know. But I also hate losing money...so its a hard decision :P