This is about lose one river at betmost

In last months ( from 5 december till 20 januari 2011 ) i was hit by this stuff , lose on river , i've play some tournaments and i have in flop or turn the best hand but in river my win go to O % .

At cash table same problem i've lose many hands into river , i don't know what is happend but i lose to much , and i don't play all hands only strong one , like big pokets or combination AK, AQ , AJ , AT , KQ, KJ , KT , and i play my position but i don't know why my raise doesn't work !

Preflop i make 4 XBB bet , or all-in situation . i wanna upload some proof here , to see people that i don't say bullshit here !, who can teach me to upload some image here ? to see people my lose hands ! . . . . and if there is some poker player who teach me how to act in those situation


Sorry for my bad english :( i hope you understand my point


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SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3931d ago

Sadl this is jjust part of poker...without bad beats then people wouldn't play poker. People love how any random person can win. But with it comes a lot of fish who play so bad...but are bound to suckout once in a while. Cold streaks suck...but getting through them grows your poker game a lot!


vlady002 Silver 3
3927d ago

again i lose on river into betmost ! ! !

i was in middle position had AJo , make raise 4 X BB , only BB call me , into flop show  4 8 A ( all was of spades ) i didn't see that my J wasn't of spade :( because in same hand i play at cooper all in , and here i push all in vs SussexShark ( he or she have TT , his T was of spade ) turn come 7 red , and into river it come 2 ( spade ) . . . . . this is it, after i make the raise on preflop , he didn;t tought that i can have AA, AK , KK , KQ , KJ or other hands of spade, this freeroll are play ( only big player who play at 4-5 metals tournament) just for funn . . . i see allinsheeeeep , this player push all in into cooper :))) all time , and he is lucky , i have QQ and he have TT , nothing till river when he hit T :) . . .


happend ! but isn't so funny only me , and me to lose on river !

ovk18rus Silver 1
3923d ago

Such things happends not only at BMP. I very often loose on river at Ongame, PS and FTP. So, its just a poker... But I understand you. Sometimes fishes beats me on river 3 or 4 times in a row!!!

vlady002 Silver 3
3923d ago

i play into pokerstars but there i didn't have so much lose in river like i lose into betmost ! . . .

the worse happend to me into Poker stars was when i've play cash game . Hit pokets TT vs 88 lose bc in flop come 8, after 3 hands have QQ , lose vs AJ , come A flop nothing hit , after 8 hands have KK raise vs AK , flop A , and the final was AA vs KK , flop AJQ , turn 9 river T , this was a nightmare , i lose into that table around 40 $ :( in just 2 hour of poker play :) ( buy -in was $ 5  min ) 

alesulll123 Gold 1
3921d ago

CoolIt happend to me also...but to manny runner runner or just the river....This is the soft of ipoker...we can`t do nothing about it....just hope that our good poker will win at the final

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vlady002 Silver 3
3909d ago

hhh , again after i win some money into freerolls i start play SnG Heads up , it was all ok .i've play 20 HU ( 1.05 $ buy-in ) i win 16 from 20 . it's ok . but i move up to 2.10 $ buy-in Hu, and there at begin i've get good cards but my opponents call preflop and into flop they fold. after the limits climb up i don't get any good cards , the blinds were 100  / 200 , my chips were some around 1900 i got KQ s , make 4 X bb raise and he call me , into flop show me flush draw J  T  7 , i push all in vs A 5 , into flop , and nothing come till river. i lose , next hand i get AJ o , push all in and he call with JT , flop come T 9 5  , tunr Q , river 5 . 2 hands and i lose

other game , same situation i was the leader with 2190 chips i've go TT make raise he push all in with 8 8 , nothing till river when come 8 :| 

next hand K 8 s vs J T , push all in , flop show K 9 J , turn show 9 river Q . dudeeeeee ,

and this it was only the begin , i've play other 5 game into 2.10 $ Hu , all lose . i don't get any good cards or to win something . i think that i was hit by unluck in that day

vlady002 Silver 3
3900d ago

again i start losing into betmost ! now this time i was so unlucky at bronze freeroll ! i was in Sb and the blinds was 80/ 160 ! it was just one raise at 320 and i re-raise at 840 , BB push all in , and i call him he show AQ s , into flop show J 9 6 , turn come Q , river of course Q . . . . . here i lose 70 % of my stack . after some hands i was in early position 1600 chips , blind was 80/160 so i push all in . . . and the player who was into Sb re-raise he show AJ o , flop show A 8 J , turn 2 river 3.


Again i';m so unlucky , how can hit this those kind of player this fkq cards ? . . when i go all in with this cards i lose all time :| . ...


alesulll123 Gold 1
3794d ago

we all lose on river but also we don`t say when the lucky is ours....You see only the evil....:)

TedHeris Silver 3
3790d ago

It happend to me also...but to manny runner runner or just the river....This is the soft of ipoker...we can`t do nothing about it....just hope that our good poker will win at the final


jjustme Bronze 3
3772d ago

always ipoker is special in runner runner or just the don`t are not alone with bad beats