In response to: Hellmuth vs Lamb: Who's the Real Player of the Year?

szabby69 Silver 2
3652d ago

Lamb is a regular in some of the toughest cash games in Ivey's Room in Las Vegas. By his own admission he puts his amazingrun this year down to good variance more than anything (It is rare even the best poker players admit that, which in itself suggests Lamb is a mentally very secure player). 

He has six figure final table finishes in every discipline of the game, with a bracelet & runner up in PLO events, the $50,000 player's championship final table, and of course is at thefinal table of the biggest No Limit Hold'em tournament in the world.   

So basically, he has proven himself in large field events, smaller pro heavy fields, played every single format of the game in the process, and won more money than anyone else. 

Most importantly, he still has a very good chance of becoming the Main Event champion. No matter where he finishes in November, he has become part of poker's elite this year.