In response to: Full Tilt Poker: From Robusto to Busto

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3645d ago

It is amazing to see how far and fast Full Tilt has fallen as they were very admired in the poker world for years. A real shame. UB has disappeared off the map and all the attention is on FTP, but also because many more people are affected with much bigger sums of money.

(note-I deleted your link because it was leading to a affiliate site and that's against rules here. Plus the story wasn't that informative, just a way to push Stars and Tilt)

Posted by mothersquatch on 08/03/2011 3:58PM

Sorry I just read the story & did not investigated the site. I do think it is informative though (especially this paragraph, "Just some of the rumors/evidence that has come to light includes: The co-mingling of player and operational funds; the internal selling of rake-free accounts; a $160 million loss after the site made the decision to process E-Checks without a payment processor, figuring they could collect the money months later; and processing millions of dollars in loans to Phil Ivey"). So if it's ok, let me post the rest of the article & see what others think?