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I have a question. Where can I report betmost and for frauding people. This is what happened.

Last month I've earned over a 30k of betmost points. That made me vip level 6 and I should get booster points and able to cash out points for money.

Suddenly betmost is saying I am not getting the booster points nor can I cash out the points for I am directly a betmost player, cause I am having an affiliate.

Then I responded that I have been cashing out the points earlier and no where I could find the terms about having an affialite would not give me booster points. I contacted my affialite and never got a response to that.

The next issue is my affialites issue. All the time I'm getting the freeroll tokens from copper to gold, and suddenly since august 18th I am getting no more tokens. They responded me that they are not my affiliate........while I am getting tokens all the time and getting a paybackplan which is equal to a rakeback.

I have the feeling that these two sites are working together just to fraud people. Could someone help me please?


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Thien Vu Le